Whois Privacy Protection with eBizNessNetwork

WHOIS Privacy Protection certainly is the perfect service for anybody who really wants to have their personal data away from the general public. When using the Whois Privacy Protection service which is available from eBizNessNetwork, you can rest assured that your private data is safe and secure and that nobody is ever to find it.
Just by putting a system mailbox in the Whois contact details, we’re going to filter all incoming e–mails and pass through exclusively valuable announcements like transfer authorization queries. In this way, you simply will not be troubled by spammers or men and women that plan to breach your level of privacy.

Whois Privacy Protection–eligible TLDs

Because of a registry–imposed limitation, we are unable to have our Whois Privacy Protection solution for all domain names available. When a TLD works with this kind of solution by registry guideline, only then we may offer it to you as well. Nevertheless, many of the favored domains extensions come with Whois Privacy Protection support.
These TLDs include: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .co, .co.za, .me, .tv, .cc.

SSL Certificates

Get SSL certificates straight from your CP

The easiest method to secure your e–commerce portal is to activate an SSL certificate for your domain name. The certificate will attach ’https://’ to your domain name and will inform your site visitors that your e–shop is reliable enough to purchase from. Via the Domain Manager section of your Control Panel, you will be able to quickly activate a regular or a wildcard SSL certificate for your site.

You simply have to click on the Order SSL Certificate button, specify the type of certificate that you want and fill in the required information. We’ll then get back to you with your SSL certificate’s details in a flash.

SSL Certificates

Wildcard Domains

Switch on wildcard domains with simply a mouse click

With the Wildcard feature available in the Domain Manager, you can make all the hosts that you have under a specific domain load the home page of your web site.

This feature can be quite useful when you’d like to run a multi–site application on your site, or when you want a certain sub–domain to direct to the home page of your site.

You will be able to activate a wildcard domain name with a mere mouse click through the Control Panel–integrated Domain Manager interface. You simply have to hit the Add Host button located on the right and you will notice the Wildcard option at the bottom of the dialogue box.

Wildcard Domains

GeoIP Redirection Tool

Instantly configure location–dependent redirects

In our Domain Manager you’ll find an intuitive tool, which will permit you to filter your site traffic on the basis of the visitors’ physical location. With our GeoIP location tool, you can effortlessly set up location–based redirects and point people to different parts of your site. For example, you will be able to send the US visitors to your index page, and the traffic from Spain to a subdomain – es.your–website.com, for instance.

With this simple tool, you no longer have to enter dozens of lines of code in the .htaccess file. Everything’s taken care of by the tool itself.

GeoIP Redirection Tool

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